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Alessandra shares God's comfort in the midst of challenging situations in our lives.

Learning how to praise God even when times are tough.

Alessandra shares what true humility looks like with Christ as our example.

When you feel like you can’t get it figured out, when you have no idea where you are headed and what you are doing, He does.

Alessandra shares the difference being having joy and being happy.

Alessandra shares the blessing that comes from abiding in Christ.

Alessandra shares how the very thing we are looking for and need is the love of Christ.

Alessandra shares that regardless of what we see, God isn't done with us yet!

Alessandr shares how we are called to be patient in prayer during times of waiting.

Alessandra shares how it is God who helps us be strong and courageous.

Alessandra shares thoughts about reflecting on your life espcially in the midst of these unprecendented times.

Taking time to just slow down and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Alessandra shares how God is working something in us through our pain and suffering.

Alessandra shares how we can set goals in God's power.

Alessandra shares how the one action we should be taking is to trust in God!

Alessandra shares how, through Christ, it is possible to forgive others in the midst of our hurt and pain.

Alessandra shares about trying to take control and "drive" our own lives instead of allowing God to do it for us.

Alessandra shares her personal insight in what "living effectivley" means.

Alessandra shares what it means to give God everything in your life by saying "In Your will God."

Alessandra shares how we tend to get comfortable and wrapped up in our “spiritual bubble”.

How do you view the Sabbath? Is it just a time to stop doing things or is it a time to find rest in Someone?

Alessandra shares the true meaning of joy during Christmas time. Is your joy in the season or the reason for the season?

Do you trust in God or are you trying to figure things out on your own? We can help people even if we're not there in person.

Alessandra shares about the impact of our looking at others with our eyes. People are all around. Are you looking at them with the eyes of Christ?

Alessandra shares thoughts about speaking hope to people who are in the midst of suffering.

When we put our trust and our hope in Jesus, pray to him, love him and believe in Him, he repairs hearts and wounds.

Alessandra shares the difference between living life alone trying to be perfect and living a life for Him.

Alessandra shares what it means to walk in the Spirit daily and to not satisfy the flesh.

Alessandra shares about what it means to be a light of Christ in this world.

Rediscovering your love for God in the little things.

We see a lot everyday about the word love but what does God say about it. More importantly, how does God show His love for us?

The emptiness in our lives was only meant to be filled by one person and only one person is big enough to do it.

Alessandra shares the true meaning of Christmas which is in the ultimate gift from God.