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Rediscovering the Sabbath

I am currently reading a book called Soul Rest by Curtis Zackery which focuses on rediscovering the Sabbath. The author talks about how he got lost in all his busyness, running himself dry of faith, leaving him broken and unable to fully and completely rest his soul. This book has been resonating with me a whole lot lately, opening my eyes to sins of my own that I was blind to.

When was the last time you actually practiced the Sabbath?

I used to mistake the Sabbath with laziness. It’s a day that I go to church, don’t workout, give my body a rest, eat good food to nourish and help me recover, maybe watch tv, do a minimal amount of homework (maybe) and take a long hard nap. I am resting my body. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?

I was so guilty of believing this is what God meant for the Sabbath, but I was so wrong.

What about my soul? Am I resting my soul? Detoxing my soul? Nourishing it with God’s word? Devoting it to Jesus, instead of Netflix.

In today’s world, we keep going and going until we can’t anymore. We are blind to our restlessness.

This week, I encourage you to rest your soul on the Sabbath. God made Sunday a day of rest not because He needed one, but because He was showing us that our souls need one. We need that devotional time to detoxify from the week, reflect, access our brokenness, and nourish ourselves with God’s word while refocusing ourselves and readjusting our hearts to place God at our center.

So this week, rest your soul on Sunday. Whether that’s taking a walk in nature, abstaining from social media, writing in a journal, etc. Whatever you need to find that rest and reset for the week.

Let’s not take advantage of this day God gave us. Let’s not just keep our bodies healthy, but our souls healthy as well. Let’s rediscover the Sabbath.

Exodus 20:8

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

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