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Trust His Plan

Have you ever wanted to be there for someone so badly, but couldn’t? You wanted to be that person for them. The person that gives them the light of the Lord. The person that leads them to hope, helping them to know and love Jesus like you do. But sometimes it doesn’t happen the way you think it will and you just don’t understand why God makes things happen the way it does.

There is little that we can do about certain things in our life, but trust that God has the bigger picture.

This recently has been happening a lot in my life where friends have come to me with problems and I thought just maybe, that I could help them. Then they were “removed” from my life in one way or another. I was pushed away and ignored. Maybe they were toxic. Maybe there are relationships awaiting me that are better and more aligned for what God has in store for me. All the different possibilities and explanations run through my head. Why God? Its frustrating to want to be there for someone, but you know you can’t. It hurts you to watch them suffer and know that you physically cannot be there for them.

I came across this verse. Proverbs 3:5,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.

Now I thought I couldn’t help these people anymore if they weren’t in my life. I put it in my head that it just wasn’t God’s plan for me. Maybe I was trying to force things that weren’t there. But God showed me the truth. “Don’t think too much”. I learned that I can be there for them, even if it is not physically.

We can help others without being with them and we do that by prayer. Prayer is the most effective and beneficial way to help others grow closer to Jesus Christ. When you feel helpless, hopeless, happy or sad…remember to pray about everything and anyone.

Your prayers are heard and they are answered in align with God’s perfect plan for you. Trust Him and do not give up on Him.

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