Essential Beliefs

     What any church believes about God, the Bible, Salvation, Humanity, and a host of other important topics will have a great impact on how that church impacts the world.

     Riverside is a voluntary member in good standing with the Southern Baptist Convention, and we affirm the systematic statement of faith that they operate under which is called The Baptist Faith & Message

     We especially appreciate that each topic is explained, and then all of the most relevant scripture passages relating to that topic are listed under each section.  If there is a particular topic that you are exploring, we would encourage you to read each of those relevant passages, seeking to answer the question: What does the Bible say about this topic?  Sometimes there are beliefs in our culture and even within the church that are shaped more by tradition or cultural influence than they are by the Bible.  At Riverside, we affirm that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God and that it has the highest authority over our lives.

The Baptist Faith & Message