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When we find ourselves in a season of waiting, a season of desperation, let us remember God’s mercy.

Are you loving God for what He can do for you and give you or are you loving God for who He is as our all knowing, all loving creator and Father?

Bridget shares of how we are to be reminded of God's goodness, provision and faithfulness.

Bridget shares how our trials draw us to a greater dependence on our Heavenly Father!

Bridget shares the meaning and significance of the gift of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Bridget shares how we can fix our eyes on God as our only hope!

Bridget shares waht it means to give God that last 1% of our lives.

Bridget shares how we can confidently put our trust and hope in the God of the universe every day.

Bridget shares God's faithfulness as we find ourselves living in the "in-between" times.

Are we abiding in the love, hope and security from Jesus or are we looking to the world for our identity?

Bridget shares the importance and impact of feeding on the Word daily.

Bridget shares how difficult times can bring us closer to God through faith.

Bridget shares about praying bold and courageous prayers while Christ works through us to do His will.

Bridget shares what it means to live each day in the freedom that Christ gives us!

Bridgette shares how the feeling of being "unequipped" in this life is nothing new to both Christians today and even to one of the founders of our faith.

Bridget share how our best laid plans and intentions are no match for the goodness that awaits us when we trust in God’s timing and plans for our lives.

Bridget shares the impact of using the disciples' request of Jesus in Matthew 6 to teach them to pray as a guide to an impactful prayer life.

Bridgette shares the importance of praise and worship in our lives in the midst of our trials.

Bridget shares about the understanding of who Jesus really is and what He came to do for us!

Bridget shares how we so often are concerned about how we look on the "outside" but that God is concerned with our "inside".

How we are called to walk, love, encourage and share burdens with one another within the truth of God’s Word.

Bridgette shares what it means to experience joy in the midst of troubles and the testing of our faith.

Bridget Leese shares that no matter what happens in our lives our faith in Christ gives us hope in an unchanging God.

Bridget shares the importance of finding quiet time alone with God.

What does it mean to wait on God and how do we do it.