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Alessandra shares the difference being having joy and being happy.

Alessandra shares how the very thing we are looking for and need is the love of Christ.

Bridget shares waht it means to give God that last 1% of our lives.

Bridget shares what it means to live each day in the freedom that Christ gives us!

Bridget share how our best laid plans and intentions are no match for the goodness that awaits us when we trust in God’s timing and plans for our lives.

Alessandra shares about trying to take control and "drive" our own lives instead of allowing God to do it for us.

Bridget shares about the understanding of who Jesus really is and what He came to do for us!

Alessandra shares the true meaning of joy during Christmas time. Is your joy in the season or the reason for the season?

Patrice shares words of wisdom that she learned while walking with Christ!

Patrice shares her thoughts not just on the importance of time and but how we spend it.

Bridgette shares what it means to experience joy in the midst of troubles and the testing of our faith.

Alessandra shares the true meaning of Christmas which is in the ultimate gift from God.

Living a life of love that is balanced.

A look at how your tongue reflects what's going on inside of you.

Are we living as a true resident of the Kingdom? The beatitudes show us how.

A look at where we need to look to find true joy.

What are your initial thoughts after the election? What does your reaction to the election results say about your own heart?

When it comes to trials in our life, are we more afraid of the storm or of the One who can stop the storm?

An understanding of the importance of reading, understanding and using scripture in context.

A practical guide to listening to sermons. (Part 7 of 7)

A practical guide to listening to sermons. (Part 5 of 7)

A practical guide to listening to sermons!

To be made in God's image means that we are made in love. This explores the deeper meaning and implications of what it means to be made in the image of God.