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Step Outside Your Bubble


My professor always brings up in class how we are in a “healthy bubble”. I study exercise science so most of the people in my major are very health conscious and/or they are college athletes. They maintain a healthy bodyweight, meet the recommendations and guidelines for physical activity, eat relatively well, and are familiar with using exercise equipment. When we get into the real world to work, that is not going to be the case. For many of us, we will be working with a very unhealthy population who know little to nothing about exercise and health. But for now, we remain in our little bubble of health. We are unaware of what the outside world holds.

That is kind of how we can be in our spiritual lives sometimes. We tend to get comfortable and wrapped up in this “spiritual bubble”. We are surrounded by Christians at church, at school, involved in small groups and bible studies, etc. We often do not hang out with nonbelievers. Sometimes it is not by choice because we can have many differences on how we both live our lives.

It is good to be surrounded by likeminded people, especially when it comes to faith because sometimes nonbelievers can be toxic to us and stray us away from God. But we cannot limit ourselves and put ourselves in a bubble. We then again, are unaware of what the outside world has in store for us.

If we remain in these bubbles, then how do we grow?

We (I included) need to get uncomfortable and be around change because that is where we are going to see the most growth. We can always refer back to our bubbles to ground us and support us, but we need to get out, learn, and experience. Apply our knowledge! What good is a caged lion if he is taught how to hunt, but never gets the opportunity to actually go out into the wilderness and take action.

Today, I encourage you to take action. Step outside your bubble. Experience. Learn. GROW!

Sometimes it is hard to see what God is doing in your life until you start moving. Let him lead you, guide you, and work through you.

2 Peter 3:18

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen


Hi Alessandra,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and so so true are your words. One of my favorite one liners is Don’t go thru life....grow thru life. May God continue to bless you.

Hello Alessandra. Great blog!! What you shared is so true. Church, Bible Study, and surrounding ourselves with God's people are all tools to equip us to carry out the Great Commission of bringing truth to the world. For whatever reason, we can easily get caught up in remaining within our safe "click" or group where those around us are like-minded. Jesus calls us to take what we learn and go out for the harvest is ripe! Thanks for your blog... Gave me food for thought.

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