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Over the next 10 weeks, we'll have an opportunity to walk through the book of Ruth. We hope you'll join us at Riverside Community Church for a powerful series of messages revealing God's definition of love!

In the book of ACTS we see that God chose people to follow Him. They weren't chosen to be served but rather to serve...

Did you miss the sermon this past week? Check out this video for a newsreel style glimpse of some of the key points...

Our Good Friday Service from April 18th, 2014.

Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus in our new facility on Columbia Avenue in Horsham!

Update #4 from Brazil

When the thing that you never expected or always feared happens how will you respond to it?

A discussion of the way that Riverside desires to bring the Gospel to our community.

The Gospel can even be found in a Backstreet Boys song...

A video showing the upside down kingdom proclaimed by Jesus in his sermon on the mount.

Often our prayers are very selfish...Jesus encourages us to approach it in a different way.

As part of the SBC we make regular contributions that are already being put to work helping those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

A cool video from Mars Hill's Esther Series that helps to bring color to the historical context of the times we are studying in our Re:BUILD series on the book of Nehemiah. The king described here is the father of Artaxerxes who is the king during the time of Nehemiah. The video last about 5 minutes and appears as the intro prior to the sermon that follows.

Some thoughts on the connection between following Jesus and serving our neighbors...

The book of Romans deals with issues that are so relevant in today's society that it almost seems like it was written yesterday...not 2000 years ago.

Maybe I should call myself your “stealth missionary” as my calling from God to serve as a hospital chaplain has been recognized by the NAMB but I have not done much to let you know about it as my church. This is especially important because the encouragement I receive from people at church, as well as through the areas I minister in at the church, helps me face the emotionally draining effects of caring for people who are constantly in crisis at the hospital.

A collection of links to solid free online sermons...

A review of the book Greater by Steven Furtick

There are many opportunities to get connected at Riverside this Fall...

A video of highlights from Sports Jam 2012.

The Riverside Temples in Training Group will combine faith & fitness...


A thank you video for the Harvie family...

What are the distinctive characteristics of our church?

If you are struggling to read your Bible daily try something new...like reading it out loud.

A video showing a picture of small group life at Riverside...

A list of songs used in our worship services at Riverside over the past 6 months...

The Gospel is not merely the entry point for Christianity and salvation...it is the central component in a Christian's life and the tool by which we grow and mature.

An introduction to one of our new ministries...Living in Freedom.

On March 27th a film by Kirk Cameron called "Monumental" will be playing at the Regal 22 in Warrington where we meet for Sunday worship.

Careful what you ask God for...you might be tempted to run when He answers.

How does a new church get started? What will Riverside's next church plant be like? Here's a general glimpse into the church planting process and a closer look at Gibson's call to plant Ridgeline.