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What distinct characteristics define Riverside?


Our Transition Team met on Monday evening to continue discussing the transitions that will take place as we send out Pastor Aaron and his family to a new ministry role in Kentucky.  We are excited to see what God has in store both for the Harvie family and for Riverside church in the coming months and years.  One big picture item that we spent a good bit of time discussing was this question: "What is the core of Riverside's DNA?"  By that we mean, what are the distinct practices, traits and qualities that make our church unique and that we want to continue as we make this transition?  How has God created and shaped our church to impact this community in this place and time?  Or in other words...what is it that you love about Riverside?

We came up with a list that we'll be sharing in the future, but in the meantime we would love to hear responses from our please leave a comment below with one or more things that you love about Riverside or that you feel are important parts of our core DNA as a church...


Faithful, friendly, welcoming, fun, it's all about relationships...with our families,the community,each other, but none of these relationships are anything without the most important one~Christ. He is at the center of it all. Thank you Riverside, for teaching & growing my love for & my walk with Jesus!

Riverside always brought the gospel every week and I have never seen a church so committed to the good news! It was what I loved because every time I heard a message I felt closer to Jesus

First and foremost that we are taught straight from the bible-nothing weird. Also that we have so many opportunities to get involved with the church and get to know people, like small groups and sports jam. And the food/coffee in the morning... it's a super warm welcome when you first walk in.

I love that everything about Riverside is about a relationship with Jesus and a complete dependence on him.

I love that we are a homeless church. We spend our time on relationships with Christ and ourselves instead of maintaining a building and filling it with programs.

I love that Riverside is filled with sinners just like me and not a bunch of holier-than-thou, self righteous folks. We're just a group of people who recognize our own faults and are desperately reaching out to Jesus for healing and salvation.

I love the path that Riverside has opened for me to continue my path with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Riverside has been a blessing for me.Thank You

I myself love the worship .I can be myself at riverside and the people love you for who you are.My faith in our Lord has grown so much since I have been attending riverside but I do have alot more work to do with him.

The best thing about Riverside for me is that people have a relationship with the Lord and it is so prevalent in their selfless acts of volunteering,embracing everyone (no cliques) and making all new people feel welcomed. I have never experienced this before in a church. There really is a feeling of "oneness". Love this church and all that are a part of it!! My life has truly been blessed by Riverside!

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