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New Group Combines Faith & Fitness!

On Saturday August 11th, 2012 we will be launching the first event of a new group called Riverside Temples in Training. The group is being led by Brad Bathgate and the basic idea is three fold: train your body to be a servant of God, have fellowship with others in the church, and be a witness to others. Once a month the group will meet to do an outdoor/fitness activity such as running, biking, hiking, rock climbing, or maybe flag football, camping or fishing. Whatever it is, it will be cheap if not free. The locations will be strategic and public, such as a local or state park. Each monthly activity will either start or end with a study or a passage and prayer. Activities will be planned so that people of various levels of fitness can participate. Here are the details on the first planned event:

August 11th, from 700 AM - 8:30 AM
Location: Mondauk Common, Upper Dublin
Scripture Study: The Body Being a Temple
Physical Activity: In groups no smaller than 2 people, Run the 1 Mile Track.
After Each Lap, complete all resistance training stations.
This will be done three times for a total of 3 miles.
Logistics: Everyone should bring a water bottle.
First Aid: Brad will be CPR certified with first aid kit,
large cooler of ice and water.

Fill out my online form.

Since the group is just getting started we are looking for others who want to help plan and organize events. If you are interested in that there is a place on the sign up form to indicate your specific interests...

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