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Leaving All Behind

What’s blocking you from fully following Christ? ...Read More

Lens Crafting

Post-Election Thoughts

What are your initial thoughts after the election? What does your reaction to the election results say about your own heart? ...Read More

In The Midst of the Storm

When it comes to trials in our life, are we more afraid of the storm or of the One who can stop the storm?...Read More

Pray, Pray, Pray...Vote

In a divisive and ugly political climate the temptation is to pull back and check out...but I hope that Christians pray and pray and pray some more and then vote on election day as God leads them....Read More

You Are in a Triumphal Procession

In Christ, you are a part of a triumphal procession being led by Jesus, after a battle fought and won by Jesus. In Christ, you are a sweet smelling aroma of him. DO you believe this?...Read More

The "J-Curve"

A look at what the apostle Paul speaks about in Philippians 3:8-11. ...Read More

“It is Written”: Knowing Truth in Context

An understanding of the importance of reading, understanding and using scripture in context....Read More

Threads of a Pastor's Testimony

Pastor Brian shares part of his testimony...Read More

Listen Up! Seven Ingredients For Healthy Sermon Listening

A practical guide to listening to sermons. (Part 7 of 7)...Read More