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Would you bet your life on it...?

If the belief that we base our lives on won't offer any comfort or meaning when we die, is it worth believing?...Read More

Is the End Really Near?

You may have seen the billboards (1200 are up nationwide) or heard the radio shows about Harold Camping's prediction that Jesus will return on Saturday, May 21st. Here is a great article with sound Biblical teaching on predictions like these. Don't cancel your weekend plans......Read More

Does Love Really Win?

What a pastor wants his church to understand about Rob Bell's new book "Love Wins"...Read More

Final Destination: the Bible on Heaven and Hell

Most people read and research and plan carefully for a week-long vacation, but never give any thought to life after death. The Bible is extremely clear about Heaven and Hell. Most people just assume they will go to Heaven, but they've never really thought seriously about why. Eternity is too long to be ignorant of the Biblical data concerning Heaven and Hell. ...Read More