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A New Starting Point

Start your day fighting FROM victory, not FOR victory...Read More

The Sorrows of Wealth

Our greatest growth as followers of Jesus comes when we see a reflection of our own hearts in the failings and shortcomings of the broken people that Jesus met......Read More

Where Can I Find a Good Biblical Message?

A collection of links to solid free online sermons......Read More

Why Join A Small Group?

A video showing a picture of small group life at Riverside......Read More

Downgrade Me

Knowing God's Call

Being a disciple means knowing God and knowing His will....Read More

Goals for 2011

Creating a movement in 2011 that will honor God....Read More

The Gospel Centered Life

Many Christians live with a truncated view of the gospel. We see the gospel as the "door", the way in, the entrance point into God's kingdom. But the gospel is so much more! It is not just the door, but the path we are to walk every day of the Christian life. It is not just the means of our salvation, but the means of our transformation. It is not simply deliverance from sin's penalty, but release from sin's power. The gospel is what makes us right with God (justification) and it also frees us to delight in God (sanctification). The gospel changes everything!...Read More