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Halloween is for Mission: 5 Practical Ways to be Missional on Halloween

Bruised Reed Farm Missions Trip

A collection of highlights from the 2014 mission trip to the Bruised Reed Farm in NJ....Read More

Is Less More?

When it comes to growing a healthy & fruitful church, less may be more....Read More

Galant Church Work & Meeting with the Youth

Update #4 from Brazil...Read More

Brazil Update #3

An update from our Missions Team in Brazil......Read More

Head First

Day 2 in Brazil...Read More

Greetings From Brazil!

Greetings from Brazil!...Read More

Restaurant: Impossible Coming to Horsham this Weekend!

Restaurant:Impossible is coming to our community!...Read More

Columbia Ave Church : Responses to Feedback

On Sunday January 13th we held an evening worship service at the church property at 239 Columbia Ave in Horsham that we are considering as a potential facility for Riverside. This document provides some responses to common questions and concerns that we received in the written feedback from those who attended the service....Read More

Why Should the Church Serve It's Community?

Some thoughts on the connection between following Jesus and serving our neighbors......Read More

Riverside's Stealth Missionary

Maybe I should call myself your “stealth missionary” as my calling from God to serve as a hospital chaplain has been recognized by the NAMB but I have not done much to let you know about it as my church. This is especially important because the encouragement I receive from people at church, as well as through the areas I minister in at the church, helps me face the emotionally draining effects of caring for people who are constantly in crisis at the hospital....Read More

Brazil Missions Trip | Prayers & Encouragement

Leave a comment below to voice your support & encouragement for those who are a part of the missions trip to Brazil!...Read More

Kensington Thanksgiving 2011

This is a video of some of the highlights of the Thanksgiving dinner in Kensington that Riverside Community Church provided in partnership with Tioga Christian Church. Along with providing a hot meal and a worship service we also sent over 60 families home with frozen turkeys and all of the sides needed to make their own meal at home. Thanks to everyone who donated, volunteered & prayed for this event!...Read More

7 Series

Encouraging our church to stay connected with the 7 Series. This series is about God's vision for His church. ...Read More

Mission: Turkey

Kensington 2010 Video

We'll be showing a video of highlights from our Kensington 2010 Thanksgiving Dinner this Sunday at church...but you can watch it now by clicking on this picture......Read More

Kenya Update

First Day in Kenya