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He Loved Them to the End: Love Day - May 20th

Two Sides of Love

Living a life of love that is balanced....Read More

Delight of the Master Gardener

How our lives are capable of producing both good and bad fruit and what God can do with both....Read More

The Days After

Jesus Is ____________

Finish this sentence..."Jesus is _______________." In many ways, the answer to that question will define who you are and how you will live....Read More

We are Earl...

Taming the Tongue

A look at how your tongue reflects what's going on inside of you....Read More

What do you believe?

A brief look at how I communicate what I really believe and the most compelling parts of the Christian message....Read More

Fruit of the Flesh

A look at how God is our Master Gardener....Read More

Salt & Light in Florida - A Testimony on Missional Living

A testimony about missional living and being "salt" and "light" in the world....Read More