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Hoarding the Light

Lynn shares how God intends to expose our darkness through others by His love and how one small flicker of light can pierce the darkness. ...Read More

Hiding Places

When the heat is on, where do we hide?...Read More

"The Comfort of Disobedience"

Why is being obedient to Christ so hard? What does Jesus say about being obedient to Him? ...Read More

Busyness: The Stealthy Sin (Part 1 of 3)

What does your busyness say about you? Stephanie Dobak shares in part 1 of 3 what it means to prioritize relationships over tasks. ...Read More

"Seeing Jesus in the Psalms"

A summer sermon series looking at how the Psalms point to Christ as well as what a real, authentic relationship looks like with the living God in the midst of pain and suffering in our lives. ...Read More

What's the Hurry?

Bridget shares the importance of finding quiet time alone with God....Read More

"One Bit At A Time"

Real change happens in our lives when we apply "one bit" of scripture to "one bit" of our lives at a time. ...Read More

Never Alone

Even though many of us are surrounded by so many people, we still feel alone. What does God promise us in the midst of these feelings? ...Read More

He Loved Them to the End: Love Day - May 20th

Two Sides of Love

Living a life of love that is balanced....Read More