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Riverside Worship | Songs

A list of songs used in our worship services at Riverside over the past 6 months......Read More

New Music : My Heart is Overwhlemed {Hillsong}

We'll be worshipping with a new song this week at is a preview!...Read More

Riverside Worship : Where We Get Our Songs

Many of you have been asking about the artists who write some of the newer songs that we have been playing at Riverside, so here is a brief rundown of some of the artists whose songs we have been using......Read More

New Music : The Lost Are Found {Hillsong Live}

We'll be singing a new song this week that is based out of Jesus response to questions about who He was in Matthew 11:1-6. ...Read More

Death in His Grave!

Easter is coming and this song gets me so excited for it!...Read More

New Music : Bones {Hillsong United}

Last month Hillsong United released a new album called "Aftermath". It is a much more thematic album than many of their past releases. To me, the standout song on this album comes right in the middle. It's a track called "Bones"....Read More

New Song: Your Love Never Fails

We'll be debuting a new song at the worship service this Sunday called "Your Love Never Fails". I wanted to give you a chance to hear it ahead of time so that we can move right past the "this is new" adjustment phase and straight into the "let's worship our Savior" phase. ...Read More