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We are Earl...

Taming the Tongue

A look at how your tongue reflects what's going on inside of you....Read More

What do you believe?

A brief look at how I communicate what I really believe and the most compelling parts of the Christian message....Read More

Fruit of the Flesh

A look at how God is our Master Gardener....Read More

Salt & Light in Florida - A Testimony on Missional Living

A testimony about missional living and being "salt" and "light" in the world....Read More

Does Winter Have You Depressed?

Understanding that our lives move through different seasons can help us gain a new perspective on our current struggles...Read More

A Different Perspective on Waiting

What does it mean to wait on God and how do we do it....Read More

A "Different" View of the Beatitudes

Are we living as a true resident of the Kingdom? The beatitudes show us how. ...Read More

So That's Joy!

A look at where we need to look to find true joy....Read More

Security and Significance

A look at how finding security and significance in Christ affects our relationships. ...Read More