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The Chase

He Loved Them to the End: Love Day - May 20th

Lens Crafting

Post-Election Thoughts

What are your initial thoughts after the election? What does your reaction to the election results say about your own heart? ...Read More

You Are in a Triumphal Procession

In Christ, you are a part of a triumphal procession being led by Jesus, after a battle fought and won by Jesus. In Christ, you are a sweet smelling aroma of him. DO you believe this?...Read More

The "J-Curve"

A look at what the apostle Paul speaks about in Philippians 3:8-11. ...Read More

“It is Written”: Knowing Truth in Context

An understanding of the importance of reading, understanding and using scripture in context....Read More

Face the Facts

The Apostle Paul shows us that facing the hard, ugly facts in our lives doesn't have to be defeat or a loss, but through Jesus Christ, facing the facts is a breakthrough and a victory. ...Read More

Measuring Lines

God is in the business of surveying, measuring, designing, building, blessing, and protecting His people....Read More

The "Gibbowr"

The Feels, Part 2

Combating our negative feelings and emotions, with God promises....Read More

Give. Give. Give. - Part 2

Understanding God for who He is - a giver, as opposed to the other "kings" we establish in our lives, which are takers, and will always leave us empty and dry. This is the second part of a two part post as we dive into 1 Samuel....Read More

The Feels

In hardship, our feelings aren't the whole story. There is another story going on behind the curtain....Read More

Worst to First

"Getting Real"

What does it look like to have a "real relationship" with God?...Read More

Finishing Touches

Made in His Image

To be made in God's image means that we are made in love. This explores the deeper meaning and implications of what it means to be made in the image of God....Read More

Fight to the Very End: Life of Caleb

31 Day Proverbs Challenge - May 2013

A 31 Day Challenge to Read Through the Book of Proverbs and Share a Verse Every Day!...Read More

Bringing Israel & the Persian Empire to Life

A cool video from Mars Hill's Esther Series that helps to bring color to the historical context of the times we are studying in our Re:BUILD series on the book of Nehemiah. The king described here is the father of Artaxerxes who is the king during the time of Nehemiah. The video last about 5 minutes and appears as the intro prior to the sermon that follows....Read More

Reading out loud...

If you are struggling to read your Bible daily try something reading it out loud....Read More

Running From the Answer

Careful what you ask God might be tempted to run when He answers....Read More

31 Day Proverbs Challenge

A 31 day challenge to read through the book of Proverbs and to share what you are reading with others....Read More

Top 10 Reasons why People Don't Read the Bible Regularly

Why are so many Christians unfamiliar with the Bible? We are a people with more Bibles per household than most cultures, but we fail to saturate our lives with the Word! What are the top reasons why people don't read and how you can overcome them....Read More