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Prayer: Shameless Audacity

Jesus, while teaching his disciples how to pray, gives them practical advice from a parable. Does the language He used describe your prayer life?...Read More

Synergy: Riverside's Discipleship DNA

Synergy is what we call Riverside's process of multiplication, including how we go about making disciples. There are a few unique aspects of the discipleship process that we integrate into every discipling relationship. These are the distinct elements we emphasize in our disciple-making process at Riverside ...Read More

Synergy: Riverside's Assessment Tools for Spiritual Maturity

How do we accurately evaluate where a person is spiritually? How do we know what to do to move them into maturity and Christ-likeness? We use two different tools to helps us assess where people are spiritually....Read More

Synergy: Riverside's Definition of Disciple

We must understand and agree on what is a disciple if we are to work together to make disciples. A disciple is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and serving Jesus. We get this definition from Matthew 4:19: "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."...Read More

Speaking a language that didn't even exist when Jesus walked the earth...

It almost seems too simple...but the way that Jesus is going to use us to change our world is by making one disciple at a time....Read More

30 Day Prayer Challenge

Prayer is so important for developing an intimate relationship with God. Actually praying is intimidating for many people though. Try using the Lord's Prayer as a model for the next 30 days and see if it strengthens your intimacy with God!...Read More

Vision: a clear mental picture of what the future could be like

"Vision is a clear mental picture of what the future could be like." (First Steps, p. 5) How do you see Riverside in five years? In ten years? What about fifty years from now? What we build today should be dictated by the vision that God gives us for His church generations from now....Read More

Synergy: Riverside's Leadership Development Program

An introduction to the "First Steps" manual used by Riverside to fulfill the Great Commission in a strategic, intentional and unified process...Read More