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Remember Who (Whose!) You Are Today!

Danielle shares the power of remembering to Whom we belong and encourages us to live like that today!...Read More

Stirred Up

Lynn reflects on how we respond and the choices we make in our lives when we get "stirred up". ...Read More

"Please Send Someone Else!"

Stephanie shares how God can use us in powerful ways to share the Gospel even when we doubt....Read More


Join us as we begin our summer sermon series in the book of Genesis called "In the Beginning"!...Read More


Alyssa shares how in our lives we come to a point when its only Christ that can fix what is wrong....Read More

Living in Community

How we are called to walk, love, encourage and share burdens with one another within the truth of God’s Word....Read More

Keep In Step With the Spirit

Alessandra shares what it means to walk in the Spirit daily and to not satisfy the flesh. ...Read More

"A Holy Pursuit"

Danielle Fields shares what it means to be in a holy season of waiting in our lives and focusing on what we know. ...Read More

Living As A Light

Alessandra shares about what it means to be a light of Christ in this world....Read More

The Bridge that Holds True: A Story of Beginning a Relationship that Works and Lasts

Joan shares how our relationship holds up through problems and changes in us because God is holding true and always sustaining us. ...Read More