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What's the Hurry?

Bridget shares the importance of finding quiet time alone with God....Read More

"One Bit At A Time"

Real change happens in our lives when we apply "one bit" of scripture to "one bit" of our lives at a time. ...Read More

Delight of the Master Gardener

How our lives are capable of producing both good and bad fruit and what God can do with both....Read More

The Days After

What do you believe?

A brief look at how I communicate what I really believe and the most compelling parts of the Christian message....Read More

A Different Perspective on Waiting

What does it mean to wait on God and how do we do it....Read More

Leaving All Behind

What’s blocking you from fully following Christ? ...Read More

In The Midst of the Storm

When it comes to trials in our life, are we more afraid of the storm or of the One who can stop the storm?...Read More

Going a Little Farther

Lynn Jackson shares thoughts on how we as children of God can go a little further in our walk with Christ. ...Read More

The Devaluing of Faith

Faith is the common denominator amongst all those who God uses......Read More