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Trust the Process

Danielle shares about the challenging yet blessed work Christ is doing in us during difficult times. ...Read More

Overcoming Suffering

Alessandra shares thoughts about speaking hope to people who are in the midst of suffering. ...Read More

Circle Around

Lynn shares what it means to humble ourselves and not do it our way but God's!...Read More

Eyes of Love

Alessandra shares about the impact of our looking at others with our eyes. People are all around. Are you looking at them with the eyes of Christ?...Read More

The Power of Prayer

When we put our trust and our hope in Jesus, pray to him, love him and believe in Him, he repairs hearts and wounds....Read More

Clean On the Outside

Bridget shares how we so often are concerned about how we look on the "outside" but that God is concerned with our "inside"....Read More

Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Alessandra shares the difference between living life alone trying to be perfect and living a life for Him....Read More

Remember Who (Whose!) You Are Today!

Danielle shares the power of remembering to Whom we belong and encourages us to live like that today!...Read More

Stirred Up

Lynn reflects on how we respond and the choices we make in our lives when we get "stirred up". ...Read More

"Please Send Someone Else!"

Stephanie shares how God can use us in powerful ways to share the Gospel even when we doubt....Read More


Join us as we begin our summer sermon series in the book of Genesis called "In the Beginning"!...Read More


Alyssa shares how in our lives we come to a point when its only Christ that can fix what is wrong....Read More

Living in Community

How we are called to walk, love, encourage and share burdens with one another within the truth of God’s Word....Read More

"A Holy Pursuit"

Danielle Fields shares what it means to be in a holy season of waiting in our lives and focusing on what we know. ...Read More

Living As A Light

Alessandra shares about what it means to be a light of Christ in this world....Read More

Rediscovering Love

Rediscovering your love for God in the little things....Read More

Busyness: The Stealthy Sin - Part 3 of 3

In part 3 of 3, Stephanie shares how we can rest in the Lord from the sins that lead to busyness....Read More

God is Love

We see a lot everyday about the word love but what does God say about it. More importantly, how does God show His love for us? ...Read More

" A Fulfilling God"

The emptiness in our lives was only meant to be filled by one person and only one person is big enough to do it. ...Read More

Letters to My Grandchildren: Coveting

In simple but heartfelt terms the “yes” behind the “no” is exposed in this highlight of the tenth commandment....Read More

The Gospel According to John

The Gospel According to John sermon series kicks off our preaching schedule in 2018....Read More

Claiming the Promise

Danielle Fields shares how God opened her eyes to the truth of His power in us....Read More

"Busyness...The Stealthy Sin"

Stephanie Dobak continues with Part 2 of her previous blog post on Busyness. Are we willing to say “no” to certain requests and opportunities in order to say “yes” to quality time with God and others? ...Read More

Vintage Christmas 2017

Lynn Jackson shares how the word vintage can help us rediscover, discover and remember God....Read More

"But God..."

Bridget Leese shares that no matter what happens in our lives our faith in Christ gives us hope in an unchanging God. ...Read More

"Why, God?"

Danielle Fields shares the answer to a better question we should ask in the midst of suffering. ...Read More

Hoarding the Light

Lynn shares how God intends to expose our darkness through others by His love and how one small flicker of light can pierce the darkness. ...Read More

Hiding Places

When the heat is on, where do we hide?...Read More

"The Comfort of Disobedience"

Why is being obedient to Christ so hard? What does Jesus say about being obedient to Him? ...Read More

Busyness: The Stealthy Sin (Part 1 of 3)

What does your busyness say about you? Stephanie Dobak shares in part 1 of 3 what it means to prioritize relationships over tasks. ...Read More

"Seeing Jesus in the Psalms"

A summer sermon series looking at how the Psalms point to Christ as well as what a real, authentic relationship looks like with the living God in the midst of pain and suffering in our lives. ...Read More

What's the Hurry?

Bridget shares the importance of finding quiet time alone with God....Read More

"One Bit At A Time"

Real change happens in our lives when we apply "one bit" of scripture to "one bit" of our lives at a time. ...Read More

Never Alone

Even though many of us are surrounded by so many people, we still feel alone. What does God promise us in the midst of these feelings? ...Read More

He Loved Them to the End: Love Day - May 20th

Delight of the Master Gardener

How our lives are capable of producing both good and bad fruit and what God can do with both....Read More

The Days After

We are Earl...

Taming the Tongue

A look at how your tongue reflects what's going on inside of you....Read More

What do you believe?

A brief look at how I communicate what I really believe and the most compelling parts of the Christian message....Read More

Fruit of the Flesh

A look at how God is our Master Gardener....Read More

Salt & Light in Florida - A Testimony on Missional Living

A testimony about missional living and being "salt" and "light" in the world....Read More

A Different Perspective on Waiting

What does it mean to wait on God and how do we do it....Read More

Security and Significance

A look at how finding security and significance in Christ affects our relationships. ...Read More

Leaving All Behind

What’s blocking you from fully following Christ? ...Read More

The "J-Curve"

A look at what the apostle Paul speaks about in Philippians 3:8-11. ...Read More

Listen Up! Seven Ingredients For Healthy Sermon Listening

A practical guide to listening to sermons. (Part 7 of 7)...Read More

Going a Little Farther

Lynn Jackson shares thoughts on how we as children of God can go a little further in our walk with Christ. ...Read More

Measuring Lines

God is in the business of surveying, measuring, designing, building, blessing, and protecting His people....Read More

Listen Up! Seven Ingredients For Healthy Sermon Listening

"Admit God Knows Better than You"

Listen Up! Seven Ingredients For Healthy Sermon Listening

"Getting Real"

What does it look like to have a "real relationship" with God?...Read More

Made in His Image

To be made in God's image means that we are made in love. This explores the deeper meaning and implications of what it means to be made in the image of God....Read More

Being a Father

Understanding the heart of God as a Father....Read More

Living Life As One Who Is Beloved

Understanding what it means and how to live a life of one who is beloved by God....Read More

Summer Sermon Series in the Book of Ruth

Over the next 10 weeks, we'll have an opportunity to walk through the book of Ruth. We hope you'll join us at Riverside Community Church for a powerful series of messages revealing God's definition of love!...Read More

Summer Sermon Series in the Book of Exodus

In the next 10 weeks, we will be in our summer, blockbuster sermon series on the book of Exodus. We hope you join us at Riverside Community Church for a powerful series of messages revealing Jesus Christ in the Old Testament from the book of Exodus....Read More

Fight to the Very End: Life of Caleb