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Kensington Thanksgiving 2011

This is a video of some of the highlights of the Thanksgiving dinner in Kensington that Riverside Community Church provided in partnership with Tioga Christian Church. Along with providing a hot meal and a worship service we also sent over 60 families home with frozen turkeys and all of the sides needed to make their own meal at home. Thanks to everyone who donated, volunteered & prayed for this event!...Read More

Ridgeline Community Church - Riverside's next church plant

How does a new church get started? What will Riverside's next church plant be like? Here's a general glimpse into the church planting process and a closer look at Gibson's call to plant Ridgeline....Read More

Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Spiritual Growth

Smartphones can be a distraction, used for sinful desires, or used for spiritual growth. This post includes tips for sanctifying your smartphone usage and my top 10 spiritual growth apps....Read More