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The Gospel According to John

     Have you ever heard the expression "They couldn't see the forest for the trees"?  It implies that someone is so focused on small individual details that they miss the big picture and the larger thing to which all of those smaller things are connected.  Sometimes we can inadvertanly do this with Jesus.  


     To start off this new year, we wanted to reset our perspective on the identity and person of Jesus by studying the entire Gospel of John in just 13 weeks.  We want to be reminded of the big picture of who Jesus is and why He came.  We want to see how the teachings and conversations and miracles all relate to one another in the storyline of the earthly life of Jesus.  In our quest to know Jesus and be known by Him, this presents an opportunity to come to love and appreciate Him in a new and fresh way.  


     This will also be a great opportunity to invite those who have questions about Christianity and Jesus to explore the life of Jesus as recorded in scripture and judge for themselves.  As Jesus says, "Come and see."


     To make the most of this opportunity we also want to invite you to participate in one or more of the following ways:


1) Read through John in 1 week (21 chapters in 7 days = 3 chapters each day) to immerse yourself in the story of the life of Jesus and to see how the parts interconnect


2) Join one of our "John" mid-week Bible studies where we will dig more deeply into the passage that we studied on the previous Sunday.  We're covering so much ground each Sunday morning that there will inevitable be questions and ideas left unexplored.  These groups provide an opportunity to ask questions and think about life applications in relationship with other people who are also seeking to know Jesus better.


3) Join us each Sunday in this series.  If you miss a week make sure you go online and watch or listen to the sermon so you stay connected. Here is a scheudle of the passages and when they will be studied:


January 7th | John 1&2

January 14th | John 3&4

January 21st | John 5

January 28th | John 6

February 4th | John 7

February 11th | John 8

February 18th | John 9&10

February 25th | John 11

March 4th | John 12

March 11th | John 13&14

March 18th | John 15&16

March 25th | John 17

March 30th Good Friday | John 18&19

April 1st Easter Sunday | John 20&21


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