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An ever changing and multiplying community of believers...

We have not found a "one size fits all" model...and we aren't really trying to find one. What we do know is that God doesn't want us to live in Christian isolation. We have all been given different talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts. As we pursue God together and share our experience with others we are able to live in a way that glorifies God and has an exponential impact on our lives and our world.

Much like your own personal life, the lives of our Community Groups go through constant change and adjustment. At Riverside we try not to put too many constraints on what a Community Group looks like. It could be several people of a common age or station in life who meet together for fellowship and to study the Bible. It could be a collection of families who live in essentially the same geographic area. It could be a group of all men, or all women, or all teenagers. It could be a group who is united in their diversity and who want to connect with others from a different generation, economic situation, background or neighborhood. Regardless of who is in attendance, the simple purpose of every group is to grow in our relationships with God and with one another. Community Groups are a natural place for discipling relationships to develop. We also expect that evangelism and serving others should be a natural expression of each group's collective pursuit of living as followers of Christ.

For more info on any of our Community Groups please email us at and we will have the Leader respond quickly.

Community Groups that are currently meeting: 

Lansdale Small Group | Mondays | 7pm
Led by Elliott Epstein & Zach Swanson
Teen Small Group | Wednesdays | 7pm | @Riverside 3rd Floor (Upper Room)
Led by Ben & Nikki Petock

Roslyn Small Group | Thursdays | 7pm | @Home of Lee & Celia Burns

Led by Lee Burns

Hatboro Small Group | Thursdays | 7pm | @ The Marks's house
Led by Dan Marks

20's Bible Study Group | Thursdays | 7pm | @ Riverside 3rd Floor
Led by Alyssa Messina & David Kraiss

Women's Bible Study | 1st & 3rd Saturdays | 9am | @ Riverside
Led by Bridget Leese

Fifty Plus | Meets Monthly on Sundays | 12pm | @ Riverside
Led by Dave Edwards & Harry Courts