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Prayer Gathering

June 26, 2020

6:00pm – 7:00pm

Location: 239 Columbia Avenue, Horsham, PA 19044

Category: Prayer Event



We're excited to gather for some worship and prayer this Friday at 6pm! We'll be meeting in the parking lot behind the church for some focused prayer and time of worship.  Since this is our first time back together in person here are some details on what to expect:

- Since we're meeting in the back parking lot we would like as many people as possible to park in the field across the street.  If you need to park closer to the building please let our parking team know by putting on your 4-way flashers and they will direct you to one of the limited available spaces in the back lot.  

Social Distancing / Masks:
- As this is our first time back together, please wear a mask.  Since we are outdoors, you may find that you are appropriately distant from others to remove your mask for a time, but please wear it as you are coming and going and also if you need to enter the building (it will only be open and available for bathroom one will be inside the building).
- Please no hugs or handshakes.  It puts the other person in an awkward position to have to turn you down.  Or they might not know how to say no in the moment but then feel very uncomfortable.  Out of humility and respect for others, let's err on the side of safety.  Solid eye contact and a warm greeting will let someone know you are glad to see them.

- Children are welcome.  There will not be any childcare and there will be moments of extended silence/quiet prayer.  Kids are typically not good at social distancing so please take responsibility for what your kids are doing.  Also, we're outdoors so kids should be supervised at all times.  

- We are in a very divisive time on our country. As we come together to pray for unity, righteousness, justice and God's peace we ask each of you, in humility, to come leaning into the gospel and not into our politics. We embrace the fact that Riverside is made up of a diverse group of people who may lean in different political directions.  But at this time of racial tension and the pandemic let us not let our  prayers be inhibited by our predispositions. We believe that we can pray Biblical truth over these trials without yielding to our flesh. 

- The service will last about an hour.  We'll open with some worship songs and we'll use specific passages of scripture to guide us into reflective times of individual prayer and listening to God.  We'll also plan to take Lord's Supper with individually sealed communion packs to avoid any potential contamination issues.  At 6pm there is a mix of sun and shade in the back lot.  We will have chairs set up at appropriate social distance spacing, but feel free to bring your own chair if you prefer that.  There is also a 20x30 tent on the back grass.  That may be a better spot for families with kids to sit at tables but space is limited.

- Weather forecast is nice but a little on the warm side.  In the event of an unexpected storm and rain we will delay or postpone the event.  We'll send out an email in that event, so if you are unsure, please check your email before leaving your house. 

Questions?  Please reply to this email or contact us at