My friend Nathan got a go-kart for Christmas one year.  Every day I went to his house to ride with him.  One day we ran over his little brother Tyler.  His dad gave the go-kart to a boys’ ranch and I stopped going to Nathan’s every day.  A few weeks later Nathan confronted me, “you stopped coming over when the go-kart was gone.  You never really liked me, you only liked my go-kart.”  OUCH!!!  He was right, though, and I knew it.  The truth hurt.

What does this have to do with my Bolivia trip?  The official religion of Bolivia is mother earth worship.  In other words, they like God’s stuff, but they don’t really like God.  I met a traveling tourist who has made an annual pilgrimmage to worship under the solar eclipse.  She and her mother had not missed an eclipse for 55 years!  Each night as we looked at the Andes Mountains surrounding Cochabamba, we saw fires – big fires that burned the mountain-side completely.  I asked one of the locals who responded, “It’s an offering to mother earth for crops.”  Before eating or drinking, it is customary to pour out the first drink to mother earth.  These and many other traditions are ways that the creation, rather than the creator, are worshipped.

Pray for Bolivians:

Pray that God would be honored and worshipped as the creator and ruler of all we see.  Pray that Jesus would be exalted.

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