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Trust the Process

Having experienced this firsthand, I could not say this with more absolute certainty: Jesus is trustworthy.

You can trust Him.

When you surrender a part of your heart and life to Jesus and pray that He gets all the glory, you often walk in deeper, darker waters than you want… but in this place, you hold one powerfully freeing truth: all of this, all of your heart, every bit of this, rests in the hands of the One who created the stars… the Creator and Sustainer of all things… the nail-scarred hands of the One who knows you best and loves you most.

You can trust Him. Trust His process. Surrender to it. Press into it.

He just has this way… It’s not easy, I’m right there with you. In fact, every fiber of my being has been screaming at me in fear and self-preservation pretty strongly over the last few weeks. But every ounce of my soul is filled with knowing. I’m full up on His peace and I trust Him completely. Because He follows through. He has every time and He will again. But He has this way...

See, this miracle He told me to pursue isn’t just about His provision. He knows… In all His wisdom and all-knowingness, He knows exactly what it takes to get my attention. So I’ve learned, as much as I may want this provision, this miracle, now, this is a crucial, divinely appointed moment with Him and I dare not waste it whining and fearful of the temporal and transitory. This is an opportunity for Him to pull me close, lock eyes with me and get real. He’s asking me to dig deeper. I feel Him peeling back the layers… revealing, healing, restoring, refining.

This is about the process as much as the destination. It’s an interior work. It hurts. It feels like death at times... but it’s good. So good. Every fiber of my being may be screaming in self-preservation, these anxious human cells of mine haven’t caught up quite yet, but they will in time! Because He’s freeing the grain from the chaff… freeing me from the weight of fear… from being bound by the transitory and the limits of humanity... He’s bringing me into my true self. My whole self.

He wants to do this for you! In testing, He doesn’t crush the grain, He frees it from the chaff. (Isaiah 28:28) Let Him. Let Him prepare your heart. Let Him stir up His power alive IN you, to endure ALL things. He wants to give you what’s missing. Will you let Him? Will you let Him prove Himself faithful?

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