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The Devaluing of Faith

     When people share what they admire about their grandparents the word "faith" often comes up.  They'll say, "She was a woman of incredible faith" or "Observing his faith had a huge impact on me as a child".  But if you ask the same person what they admire about their friends or their favorite celebrity, it's rare that you'll hear their faith mentioned.  We value talent, intelligence, passion, wisdom, humor, boldness, individuality, wealth, success, fame...but it seems like we've devalued faith.  


     When you read the Bible it becomes clear that God can use anyone, as long as they have faith.  Faith is the common denominator amongst all those who God uses. When Elizabeth greets Mary in Luke 1 she says "Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord."  This connects Mary to all the great stories of faith that are listed out in Hebrews 11.  


     How much do you value faith?  Do you value it when you see it in others, even if they lack other qualities that the world values?  Do you pray for God to increase your faith?  


"Better a thousand times to be rich in faith than rich in gold. Gold will be worthless in the unseen world to which we all are travelling. Faith will be owned in that world before God the Father and the holy angels."  J.C. Ryle

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