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"Seeing Jesus in the Psalms"

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Have you ever felt like crying out to God but didn't know how or even if it was appropriate to question where He is? And if you did question Him, what is the best way to do it?

If you've wondered these things then you're not alone. Many of us struggle in what we would call having a real, "authentic" relationship with God. We wish we had the words to express what we're feeling or thinking at certain moments in our lives that conveyed our emotions.

Welcome to the Psalms!

The Psalms are sacred songs or hymns that deal with real people, facing real situations, and recording their real feelings. They're cries for help in the midst of sin and sorrow. They show the human struggle and what it looks like when life becomes overwhelming. They show a God who invades lives and shows mercy. Over the next several weeks we'll walk through the Psalms and cry out with those who say 'Life is hard but there is a refuge." Most importantly, we'll see how the Psalms point to the most authentic person who ever lived and how Jesus Himself used them to express His own emotions. Join us as we take a deep look into real voices of faith and deep, personal relationships with the true God.

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