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Mission: Turkey



img_8357-jpgGreetings in the Name of Jesus!  Last week I had the privilege of traveling to Turkey and seeing our mission at work.  Any time I get the opportunity to go overseas I am always challenged by God.  I am challenged in our command to take the Gospel to every man, woman, and child throughout the world.  If we have put our faith in Jesus then we know that He has created all things for Himself, especially all mankind.  We have been created to know Him now and forever.  We also know this purpose has been cut off because of sin and only Jesus restores us.  Those of us who have put our faith in Jesus and have become faithful followers are called to be witnesses of Him all over the world.  This call propels us to go anywhere He calls us even if it is hard.

Turkey is one of those hard places.  In a country with 75 million people there are a reported 3,000 Christians.  And Turkey does not welcome missionaries.  In fact the word missionary to them is treated as the word spy or traitor to us.  The Christians in Turkey avoid using the Missionary word at all costs.  Instead, they create what they call "platforms."  A platform is their reason to be in the country.  It is a job basically.  We met some who had coffee businesses, art galleries, and even coaches.  They sought to find a place in order to share Christ.  This is not too far to where we find ourselves in this country.  We have a platform, but are we using that platform to be a witness for Jesus?

The job in Turkey is next to impossible in my observations.  They are greatly outnumbered and live in a society that rejects Jesus.  Islam is the religion in Turkey.  Mosques are everywhere and they are loud!  What I mean by this is they call people to pray 5 times a day over a loud speaker.  It is loud!  You hear it anywhere you go throughout the country.  Strangely, the people do not alter their daily routine.  The call to prayer has become just background noise to them.  This tells you a lot about what they really believe.  Islam is just a religion to most and practiced only out of tradition.  

God has a better plan for them!  I am amazed that God does not give up on them. He continues to send witnesses to them even though they continue to reject Him.  He does this because He loves them and He receives glory from one sinner who repents.  As I look at the impossible mission I am reminded of the greatness of our God!  Nothing is impossible for Him!

I will write more observations throughout the next couple of weeks.  Begin by praying for those who have dedicated their lives and families to take the gospel to Turkey.  I cannot share their names or locations for security reasons.  Your prayers are powerful for them.

In Christ,


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