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Everyone serves a king.  Whoever or whatever we place on the throne of our heart will establish a kingdom in our life.  As we obey and pursue the king of our heart, our life becomes the king's territory.  We have a choice.  Many of the things that we establish as a king in our heart are not bad in and of themselves...but they are unworthy to sit in the place of the true King and therefore their kingdom will fail.  Even good things like comfort, security, acceptance, reputation & family make terrible kings.  Jesus is the true King.  He spent much of His ministry teaching and demonstrating to everyone what His Kingdom looks like.  The things that He teaches about the kingdom are often shocking and surprising.  Join us each week in the KINGDOM COME series as we study Chapters 18-28 in the Gospel of Matthew.  The Kingdom has come.  Jesus is the only worthy King.  Is your life His territory?

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