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Is the End Really Near?


You may have seen the billboards (1200 are up nationwide) or heard the radio shows about Harold Camping's prediction that Jesus will return on Saturday, May 21st.  Here is a great article with sound Biblical teaching on predictions like these.  Don't cancel your weekend plans...

For additional resources on the topic of eternity you can read our previous post on what the Bible says regarding Heaven and Hell here:

We also dealt with what the Bible says about eternity in a sermon from our "I Am Second" series.  You can listen to it here:

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I listened to his radio station the other night....not one mention of Jesus....and he also put down every pastor, saying that they do not know the Bible as well as he does...and we have to keep all of the rules in the Bible...skipping over the most important that we are commanded to love one another...not exactly the Gospel.

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