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Hello from Fagundas, Brazil!

2015 team


Hello Riverside family,

Throughout this mission trip, Scott Jackson has been asking us "Where have you seen God today?" Since the first day we arrived, we have seen God at work in big and small ways. From seeing the joy filled, passionate and tireless service of Pastor Humberto to spread the Gospel to the community, to the smiles on people's faces when they sing praises to God in church services, to the laughter of the local children when you spend a little time with them to show them God loves them, God has been showing up moment after moment.

We've also seen God show up in the way each person on our team has grown in faith, stepped out of their comfort zones and served happily and without hesitation.

Thank you all for the support you gave in allowing us to go on this trip and represent you and serve the people of Fagundas in Jesus' name. We cannot wait to share all of the details of what has happened on this trip when we get back. But I am even more excited to see how God will use this trip to inspire our entire church family to see our everyday circumstances as a mission field. People around us are looking for God. Look for those opportunities to share the Gospel and show God's love to them using the skills and abilities He has blessed you with.

Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.

Rejoice! Our God is alive and at work!

God bless you!
Paul Leese