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A brief message from Pastor Aaron



Please check out this brief video message from Pastor Aaron for an update on how things are progressing with Riverside and what is happening with the Transition Team. If you were not in church on May 6th and have not had a chance to listen to the message you can listen to it by clicking here. In this message Aaron explains in detail the ways that God has been at work in his life and the door that has been opened for ministry, as well as what it will mean for his family and for Riverside.

We also wanted to provide you with the Transition Team Covenant that will be guiding the team as they move forward. As Aaron mentioned in the video the current members of this team are David Pearson, Ezra Strickhouser, Scott Jackson, Dan Marks and Keith Grant. Aaron will also be meeting with and serving on the team for the next couple of months. It is our intention that this be an open process with frequent communication and a lot of involvement from our church body, so please feel free to approach any of the members of the team with any questions that you may have or you may email us at _________________________________________________________________________

Transition Team Covenant

A. General Statements:
1. This covenant shall be entered into by Riverside Community Church and the Transition Team for Riverside upon Aaron Harvie’s resignation in July 2012.

2. The Transition Team shall consist of David Pearson (team leader), Keith Grant, Scott Jackson, Dan Mark and Ezra Strickhouser.

3. The time frame of this covenant shall be for six months (July 15, 2012 - January 15, 2013) with a review in December 2012 to evaluate the status and needs of the Transition Team moving forward. Upon that review, another covenant may be entered into upon an approval of all parties.

B. The Transition Team Commitment:
1. The Transition Team will pray regularly for the body of Riverside through the transition process after Aaron Harvie’s resignation in July 2012.

2. The responsibilities of the Transition Team will be:
a) to help Riverside through the healing process of Aaron’s departure from Riverside,
b) to maintain the ongoing ministries of Riverside,
c) to help maintain and provide s sense of community for those within the body of Riverside, and
d) to help prepare Riverside for the arrival and leadership of their next Lead Pastor.

3. The Transition Team will work to ensure that there is weekly biblical preaching for Riverside’s Sunday worship services. They will work with the staff to provide leadership for those services.

4. The Transition Team will meet a minimum of monthly to pray, plan, and lead Riverside through the transition process. Additional meetings will be planned as the team leader and staff determine are necessary.

5. The Transition Team will work with the support of the Baptist Convention of PA/SJ to begin the process of helping Riverside establish a Search Committee to identify the next Lead Pastor of Riverside. This will be a separate team from the Transition Team, but may include some of the same members.

C. Riverside Community Church Commitment:
1. Riverside will pray regularly for the Transition Team.

2. Riverside will allow the Transition Team to work with the staff to lead as they deem necessary under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

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Aaron, Candy and I want to wish you and your family nothing but the best. We no longer go to Riverside but we both really enjoyed our time at Riverside and we are happy and sad at the same time to hear that you are leaving.

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