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Join us August 26th - 29th for four nights of seeking God!

How often do we try to lead Our Father instead of Him leading us?

Alessandra shares about trying to take control and "drive" our own lives instead of allowing God to do it for us.

Bridget shares the impact of using the disciples' request of Jesus in Matthew 6 to teach them to pray as a guide to an impactful prayer life.

Lynn Jackson shares how we can allow our feelings and emotion lead us to a transparent and sincere prayer time.

Alessandra shares her personal insight in what "living effectivley" means.

Alessandra shares what it means to give God everything in your life by saying "In Your will God."

Bridgette shares the importance of praise and worship in our lives in the midst of our trials.

Alessandra shares how we tend to get comfortable and wrapped up in our “spiritual bubble”.

Bridget shares about the understanding of who Jesus really is and what He came to do for us!