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Most people read and research and plan carefully for a week-long vacation, but never give any thought to life after death. The Bible is extremely clear about Heaven and Hell. Most people just assume they will go to Heaven, but they've never really thought seriously about why. Eternity is too long to be ignorant of the Biblical data concerning Heaven and Hell.

On Saturday, October 30th, 2010 volunteers from Riverside Community Church and Warrington Fellowship Church will paint the exterior of the former go-go club at the corner of 611 and Titus Road in Warrington, PA.

Many Christians live with a truncated view of the gospel. We see the gospel as the "door", the way in, the entrance point into God's kingdom. But the gospel is so much more! It is not just the door, but the path we are to walk every day of the Christian life. It is not just the means of our salvation, but the means of our transformation. It is not simply deliverance from sin's penalty, but release from sin's power. The gospel is what makes us right with God (justification) and it also frees us to delight in God (sanctification). The gospel changes everything!

We'll be debuting a new song at the worship service this Sunday called "Your Love Never Fails". I wanted to give you a chance to hear it ahead of time so that we can move right past the "this is new" adjustment phase and straight into the "let's worship our Savior" phase.

It almost seems too simple...but the way that Jesus is going to use us to change our world is by making one disciple at a time.

Are you having a hard time sharing your faith? Here are some simple tips to increase your opportunities to share the gospel.

Prayer is so important for developing an intimate relationship with God. Actually praying is intimidating for many people though. Try using the Lord's Prayer as a model for the next 30 days and see if it strengthens your intimacy with God!

"Vision is a clear mental picture of what the future could be like." (First Steps, p. 5) How do you see Riverside in five years? In ten years? What about fifty years from now? What we build today should be dictated by the vision that God gives us for His church generations from now.