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Citizens of Heaven

Citizens of Heaven : A Study in Philippians...Read More

31 Day Proverbs Challenge - May 2013

A 31 Day Challenge to Read Through the Book of Proverbs and Share a Verse Every Day!...Read More

I Can't Fix Anyone...

I can't fix anyone...I can't even fix myself...but I can fix my eyes on Jesus! ...Read More

Are Jesus & Bob Marley saying the same thing?

What does Jesus mean when He tells us not to worry?...Read More

What is Your Treasure?

What is your treasure and would you give it up for eternal life? Would you give it up to follow Jesus? Peter, James, and John made a good living as they shared in a small fishing business. Matthew enjoyed the spoils of a career as a tax collector. But when Jesus came calling, there was something so intriguing about him that they gave it all up and followed him. God has a plan for every single one of us, and His plan is not exactly the same for every single one of us. It may not be to give up your career, it may not be to sell your possessions and give all of your money away. But He does have a plan for each and every one of us, and His plan is not our plan. What He does require is that we give something up. We can not follow God without giving something up. What stands between us and Gods plan for us, are the treasures on earth we hold so dear to our heart. What is your treasure and would you give it up to follow Gods call for you?...Read More

Riverside Strategies, Core Values & Distinctives

A discussion of the way that Riverside desires to bring the Gospel to our community....Read More

Backstreet's Back - Alright!

The Gospel can even be found in a Backstreet Boys song......Read More